How did our ancestors eat? My great grandfather had perfect teeth and vision. This interests me very much - why not eat food that nourishes us, tastes good, and lends itself to exploring ours and other cultural heritages? I made kamut berries last night -it’s so easy, just toast them in a pan, soak in water overnight, then cook like rice - and threw in some roasted butternut squash and brussels sprouts. Drizzled a tiny bit of truffle oil over the top. Delicious and so simple.

What is kamut? It’s an heirloom wheat varietal¬†that most likely originated in Egypt. It was found in ancient tombs of the¬†pharaohs, and is said to have been brought aboard Noah’s Ark. It’s superior to common wheat in protein, amino acids and vitamins; and also free from toxins that exist in concentrated form in conventionally grown wheat kernels. It has a buttery flavor and chewy texture, and Rebecca Wood says it makes the best pizza dough. Experiment with whole grains and nourish your body like the ancients!

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